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Zephyr Hollander Coir Doormat

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Trust the neutral tones and angular design of our Zephyr Hollander Doormat to offer a gracious greeting on your porch. The subdued brown and ivory palette of the woven coir fibers lays a mellow yet warm welcome at your doorstep.

Product Information

Hollander doormats warmly receive the footsteps of family and friends with an act of hospitality ages old. Named for the Dutch weavers who created this earliest form of practical decor, these biodegradable coir mats conscientiously weave traditional looming techniques with more modern abstractions. Invite Danica Studio's convivial motifs and dyed geometric prints to your front door, and say hello to stylish sustainability. 

  • 18 x 30 inches
  • 100% Woven Coir Fiber
  • Spot Clean a needed
About the Zephyr Collection

Fragmented, organic shapes come together in a calming composition. Triangles and diamonds are softened around the edges, to create more pacifying geometric forms. A palette of neutral tones brings a pleasing sense of elemental contrast to the kaleidoscope.

Meet the designer – Elisa

Elisa narrowly bypassed the corporate world and joins our creative team for project-based design and illustration. Finding it difficult to imagine a time B.P. (before Pinterest), she now brings her vision board and imagination to life through her designs.