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Soleil Scarf

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Invite the life-sustaining energy of the sun to permeate your style with the Soleil Printed Scarf from Danica Studio. The warm ochre palette and sun-inspired imagery of this distinctive accessory complement both work and casual attire.

Product Information

Scarves are so versatile. Draped across your shoulders, wrapped around your waist, tied into a pretty loop on the handle of your tote bag. The flowy movement of our hand-screened printed scarves lends itself to adventurous travel or moments of dreamy introspection. Add an expressive accent with the rich colors and textures of these beautifully handcrafted cotton scarves.

  • 40 x 72 inches, Eyelash fringe
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hand Wash, Hang to Dry
About the Soleil Collection

In an array of intricate patterns and abstract geometric designs, Soleil shines a light on sunny 70’s-inspired shapes and the fine lines of Art Deco details. The dynamic repetition of celestial symbols create a burst of movement across the surface of this design. An inviting palette of terracotta and earthy neutrals illuminates this cheerful collection and radiates brighter days ahead.

Meet the designer – Elisa

Elisa narrowly bypassed the corporate world and joins our creative team for project-based design and illustration. Finding it difficult to imagine a time B.P. (before Pinterest), she now brings her vision board and imagination to life through her designs.