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Olympus Block Print Scarf

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Make a divinely inspired fashion statement when you envelop yourself in the soft, graceful folds of our Olympus Block Print Scarf. Cleverly rendered imagery inspired by the classical world flows unfettered across a striking dark background, resulting in a remarkable accessory that is ideal for both work and play.

Product Information

Scarves are so versatile. Draped across your shoulders, wrapped around your waist, tied into a pretty loop on the handle of your tote bag. The flowy movement of our hand-screened printed scarves lends itself to adventurous travel or moments of dreamy introspection. Add an expressive accent with the rich colors and textures of these beautifully handcrafted cotton scarves.

  • 40 x 72 inches, Small Tassled Edge
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hand Wash, Hang to Dry
About the Olympus Collection

May the mythical symbols of Olympus transport you to the pinnacle place of heroes where you can bask in the ether, untouchable by life’s storms.

Meet the designer – Michelle

Inspired by interior design, floristry, and old architecture, Michelle’s designs reflect her wonder for the many ways people create beauty in the world. She loves to work with watercolor and gouache to paint her muse: food.