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Ember Jewelry Box

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A full-sized treasure chest with a light pink backdrop adorned with enchanting mythical dragons and intricate dragonfruit vines. This elegant jewelry box offers a harmonious blend of sophistication and whimsy, providing ample space to safeguard your precious treasures.

Product Information
Hoops, strands, rings, and other tiny treasures are safe and sound inside our new jewelry boxes. Printed with Danica Studio designs, these sturdy and secure boxes add a layer to your self-expression and style.
  • Dimensions: L10 x D7.5 x H2in
  • Material: Box: 100% Recycled Cotton Paper Lining: 100% Polyester Velvet
  • Care Instructions: Wipe clean with damp cloth. Do not soak.
About the Ember Collection

Fan the fire of epic pursuits and let the ever-ending spirit of the mighty, mythical dragon ignite the embers of your dreams.

Meet the designer – Michelle

Inspired by interior design, floristry, and old architecture, Michelle’s designs reflect her wonder for the many ways people create beauty in the world. She loves to work with watercolor and gouache to paint her muse: food.