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A centuries-old Japanese tradition, Furoshiki cloths offer a modern sustainable alternative to gift wrapping. Square-shaped decorative fabrics can be tied in a variety of ways to create a stunning presentation – without the waste.

By simply tying opposing corners into a knot or bow, Furoshiki makes a unique, reusable gift wrap – and its rising popularity means that inspirational wraps and re-uses abound.

Furoshiki gift wrapping GIF

Our Danica Studio Furoshiki cloths will inspire you to get all wrapped up in this timeless trend.

reusable gift wraps will be available early 2023

Finders Keepers Reusable Gift Wrap
Neptune Reusable Gift Wrap
Timber Reusable Gift Wrap
Boundless Reusable Gift Wrap
Soleil Reusable Gift Wrap



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