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The story of DS

Danica Studio was founded in 2009 in Vancouver, where city, ocean, mountains and islands converge. The beauty and energy of that unique combination has brought together designers from all over the world, who collaborate on designs inspired by their shared love of city, sea and forest.

Our designs are inspired in equal parts by our cosmopolitan streets and the coastal wilderness that surrounds them. Our product is born from our passion for textiles, for the hand-crocheted and hand-printed, hand-spun and hand-tied.

We invite you to explore the world of Danica Studio.

we're taking our
show on the road!

Join us for our inaugural show at NY NOW. Come by to take advantage of special offers, grab a free tote bag, and enter our Instagram contest. Meet a real-life Danica Studio designer, not just some guy in a suit (some guy in a suit will be on hand though should the need arise).

August 16 -19

Javits Convention Center, New York, New York
Booth #3767

We hope to see you there.

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