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Superbloom Tall Mug

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Savor each sip of your morning coffee or tea like a riot of flowers enjoys the early day sun with our Superbloom Tall Mug. Abstract florals boldly highlight an inspiring message for an uplifting start to the day.

Product Information

Indulge your morning ritual with a coffee vessel that pours extra love into your cup. Uplifted by distinctive Danica Studio prints and a taller, more generous capacity, each ceramic mug inspires an open heart and positive energy for the day to come. In hand, on the breakfast table or displayed on visible shelving, the clean aesthetic and small loop handle are by all appearances delicate, yet you know the strength that resides inside.

  • 14 oz capacity
  • Glazed Ceramic Stoneware
  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
About the Superbloom Collection

Wildflowers blossom and leaves unfurl in this glorious garden. Abstracted and enlarged botanical beauties abound in this bold collection. Light-hearted typography ornaments the floral backgrounds, offering motivational messages on a floral-perfumed breeze. A pastel palette flourishes against a dark, earthy background, while tassels bring a tactile elegance to this fete of flowers.

Meet the designer – Elisa

Elisa narrowly bypassed the corporate world and joins our creative team for project-based design and illustration. Finding it difficult to imagine a time B.P. (before Pinterest), she now brings her vision board and imagination to life through her designs.