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Soleil Coir Printed Doormat

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From sunrise to nightfall, the sun and moon designs on our Soleil Printed Coir Fiber Doormat greets family and friends at your door. Short bristles gently capture debris from your shoes, trapping remnants of the day's adventures.

Product Information

Give your front door an artist-driven upgrade with our Printed Coir Fiber Doormats that celebrate the beauty of sustainable living. These coconut fiber mats are durable, with unique and colorful designs that treat guests to a splash of modern art while they wipe their feet. Select several distinctive prints and discover how nice it feels to come home to an entry mat that's good for you and for the planet too.

  • 18 x 30 inches
  • 100% Coir Fiber
  • Sweep off any debris, spot clean to remove excess dirt
About the Soleil Collection

In an array of intricate patterns and abstract geometric designs, Soleil shines a light on sunny 70’s-inspired shapes and the fine lines of Art Deco details. The dynamic repetition of celestial symbols create a burst of movement across the surface of this design. An inviting palette of terracotta and earthy neutrals illuminates this cheerful collection and radiates brighter days ahead.

Meet the designer – Elisa

Elisa narrowly bypassed the corporate world and joins our creative team for project-based design and illustration. Finding it difficult to imagine a time B.P. (before Pinterest), she now brings her vision board and imagination to life through her designs.