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Olympus Block Print Dishtowel

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Rise above mundane kitchen chores as the grand mythic symbols on this Olympus Block Print Dishtowel transport you to inspirational heights. Grecian urns, temple columns, snakes and horses dance across this handcrafted towel, bringing museum-quality artistry and ancient beauty to your home.

Product Information

Turn your kitchen into a miniature art gallery with hand towels that are as enjoyable to look at as they are easy to use. Unique, handcrafted block-print patterns infuse each kitchen towel with artistic tradition dating back centuries, with small nuances acting as a nod to the individuality of each craftsperson and hand-shaped block. Whether you're lining a bread basket in preparation for brunch or finishing post-dinner party cleanup, our towels are up to the task – and then some. All in all, these inviting linens offer the perfect marriage of finesse and function, ready to brighten and enrich your space.

  • 18 x 28 inches
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Wash Cold Delicate, Dry Low
About the Olympus Collection

May the mythical symbols of Olympus transport you to the pinnacle place of heroes where you can bask in the ether, untouchable by life’s storms.

Meet the designer – Michelle

Inspired by interior design, floristry, and old architecture, Michelle’s designs reflect her wonder for the many ways people create beauty in the world. She loves to work with watercolor and gouache to paint her muse: food.