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Hill And Dale Coir Doormat

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Flaunt a fanciful feel in your foyer with our Hill and Dale Printed Coir Fiber Doormat. A frisky fox with cheeky grin dances across your doorstep, projecting playfulness to cultivate an inviting ambiance for family and friends.

Product Information

Give your front door an eco-friendly, artist-driven upgrade with our Printed Coir Fiber Doormats that celebrate the beauty of sustainable living. These coconut fiber mats are biodegradable yet durable, with unique and colorful designs that treat guests to a splash of modern art while they wipe their feet. Select several distinctive prints and discover how nice it feels to come home to an entry mat that's good for you and for the planet too.

  • 18 x 30 inches
  • 100% Coir Fiber - Biodegradable
  • Sweep off any debris, spot clean to remove excess dirt
About the Hill & Dale Collection

Hill & Dale tells an elevated tale of a charmed and bustling village nestled among rolling hills and a lively forest. A fox leaps through the foliage, a hare wiggles its nose and a sparrow soars through the sky above the colorful roofs, welcoming windows and lush landscape. The busyness of darting about is anchored by the warm home that awaits for all in this storybook-inspired scene.

Meet the designer – Erin

Erin is a hand-lettering virtuoso with an affinity for drawing an eclectic mix of the things she loves; cats, bikes, and veggies. Her dedication to experimenting with ink, gouache, and watercolor imbues her designs with artistic energy.