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Frida Trinket Tray

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Find daily joy in the symmetrical simplicity of this bee-hive shaped Frida Trinket Tray. An endearing reminder that everything in nature has a home, this folkloric-inspired design collects your smallest treasures.

Product Information

Find life's littlest things right where you left them. Gleaming rings and errant keys, diminutive keepsakes and bobbing baubles, everyday possessions are forever reclaimed when given a place all their own. Ensure their safekeeping atop your nightstand or work desk, by the sink or bath. Each fanciful tray is made to be adored, whether brimming with trinkets and treasures, or left to their own designs. 

  • 4.25 x 4 inches
  • Glazed Ceramic
  • Hand Wash
About the Frida Collection

Vignettes of bees and flowers are arranged in symmetrical simplicity in this embroidered ode to Scandinavian folklore. The rich texture creates another layer of storytelling for the senses. Frida sweetly heralds the arrival of Spring and the cycle of the seasons in a pattern of movement, meaning and joy.

Meet the designer – Sue

Known for quietly creating delightful designs in record time, Sue is a project-based illustration and design contractor with Danica Studio.. She can usually be found cozied up in a cardigan, even on the warmest of days.