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Llamarama Tray

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A herd of lovely llamas is bedecked in woven blankets and floral necklaces. Aqua and yellow parallel the clear and sunny skies of the Andes. Soft gray and dotted mountains ascend in the background, speckled with snowy drifts. Pompoms make for playful details.
Product Information

Petite in proportions but ambitious in potential, little trays can be used for serving small bits or the perfect little bathroom storeage. Catch house keys and coins, jewels and hair pins, or a four-leaf clover plucked from your front walk. Thoughtfully created by our designers in the Vancouver studio, these little trays artfully inspire organization and imagination of use. Everyday treasures are beautifully collected and easily re-found, whether atop your entry table or beside the kitchen sink. Motifs that are whimsical and bright, imparting vintage gleam to everything from wayward paper clips and pretty bath soaps to the sweetest keepsakes you desire near. Food-safe ceramic stoneware broadens your functional horizons even further than the typical catchall. Tastefully treat house guests to little cookies or appetizers. Filled with your most treasured objects and whatnots or left open to possibility, each Danica Studio tray is an object to adore.

  • W4 xL 5.25in
  • Ceramic
About the Llamarama Collection

A herd of lovely llamas, bedecked in woven blankets and floral necklaces, pose against a backdrop of a snow-capped Andes mountain range. Pompoms make for playful details and hint that these woolly wonders are waiting for a fiesta.

Meet the designer – Andrea

Fuelled by tea, a good soundtrack, and the company of her pup Gizmo, Andrea heads up the Creative Team. Her attention to detail appears in her ink pen drawings- and her ability to answer any and all of our questions.