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I'm So Awkward Team Tote Bag

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Flaunt that self-deprecating humor you're known and loved for with this I'm So Awkward Team Tote hanging from your shoulder. Punchy color choices, playful foliage and fun lettering add even more whimsy to this wonderfully candid bag.

Product Information

Infuse more beauty into everyday life with these designer Team Tote Bags that act as portable works of art, emanating joy and a touch of sass wherever you go. Choose from designs that feature bold colors and pop art references, or go for introspective patterns inspired by nature, space and those quirky moments that make life so special. When errands, work and personal responsibilities call, reach for our crossbody adjustable team tote and hit the road without ever leaving your passion for art behind again.

  • 15 x 18 inches
  • 32 inch Adjustable Strap
  • Inner Pocket with Designer quote
  • Machine Wash Cold, Hang to Dry
About the I'm So Awkward Collection

An ode to everyone who’s wished for a real-life ‘undo’ button’, the I’m So Awkward design gives playful expression to our most regrettable moments. Punchy lettering adorned with foliage helps to flip the narrative and empowers all who’ve felt awkward to feel seen and heard (for the right reasons)!

Meet the designer – Sierra

Sierra designs many playful prints and patterns for our key accounts clients and independent lines and also helps with packaging. Her designs reflect her personality’s ingredients; sunshine, sprinkles, puns, and a twist of lime. (Caution: May Contain Sarcasm).